Making a will is for new parents, the elderly, or people with health problems.

If something happened to take your life today, would family and friends know your wishes? A will can define how you want your possessions distributed, but it can encompass much more. Do you have pets? Who will take care of them? Do you want to be buried, cremated with your ashes spread in a particular place, or maybe a Viking funeral pyre (please check your local city ordinances first)? You can specify all this in a will. You may have heard that legendary comedian Jack Benny stipulated that one red rose be delivered every day to his wife for the rest of her life after his passing. Life does not come with a known expiration date, but having a will can make your passing a little easier on your loved ones by providing a guide for your wishes. The Hyde Law Firm will put you at ease while discussing these personal matters, so you can go on living your life knowing you already have a plan in place for your passing. In the Granbury, Texas and greater Hood County area, contact us today.

It’s morbid and I don’t need to think about a will until old age.

We all hope that time is on our side, but the reality is that we rarely know when it will run out. Everyone can benefit from having a will, but if you have dependents, a will is essential to make sure their needs are addressed and unlike biological or legally adopted children, step-children or foster children will not automatically inherit from your estate unless you name them in a will or trust. A will doesn’t have to be morbid if you remember you are making a stressful and difficult process easier for your loved ones. The Hyde Law Firm will advise you on making a will for the first time or updating an existing will to match your stage of life.

I don’t own a lot, so I don’t need a will.

Even if you think you don’t have enough money or possessions to pass along after your death to merit having a will, a will can be used to address so much more. State who will care for any pets and choose guardians for minor children. Designate who receives meaningful belongings, since worth doesn’t have to mean wealth. Let your family know if you don’t or do want a funeral and how you want your funeral handled. If you look around, you’ll realize you have more to offer than you think. Quality over quantity. If you live in the Granbury, Texas greater Hood County area, let The Hyde Law Firm guide you in preparing a will specific to your needs.

I don’t need a will, since my family knows my wishes.

Without a will, your family is not in control of your estate when you die. The probate court takes over and assets are divided based on Texas state intestacy laws. Attorneys will need to be hired and the process can be a long one. Family and friends that you would like to have possessions could easily be left out entirely or relatives unearthed that you barely know could benefit instead of your preferred people. You can save your loved ones stress, time and money by having a will in place prior to death. The legal team at The Hyde Law Firm will help you make your wishes known.

I’m married so my spouse will receive my entire estate when I die. I don’t need a will.

When no will is present, Texas state intestacy laws will decide how your assets are divided, which may not reflect your wants. Property you owned prior to getting married or you inherited will be considered separate property and only a portion will go to your spouse with the rest being divided among any children, or depending on the circumstances, your parents, your siblings or even your grandchildren. In Common Law Marriage situations, though Texas does recognize it, the requirements for inheritance are specific and evidence must be presented in probate court to prove the Common Law Marriage is valid. The Hyde Law Firm will help you make sure your property and assets end up exactly where you want them. Contact us in the Granbury, Texas and greater Hood County area.

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