In Texas, it’s relatively easy to create a legally binding contract. Each party must have come to an agreement on terms and both parties are exchanging something of value. The contract doesn’t even have to be a formal written one. Texas recognizes verbal contracts as long as they meet the qualifications stated above. What could go wrong?

Relying on someone’s verbal word or using a contract template off the internet could mean you lose money on the products or services involved if they aren’t explicitly defined. As a business, not having a well-written contract could leave you open to disputes and expensive lawsuits. Contracts with detailed language that leaves nothing to interpretation will ensure that both parties understand what is expected and will create a favorable business relationship. The legal team at The Hyde Law Firm can advise you in negotiating, drafting, reviewing, and executing business contracts for any industry in the Granbury/Hood County area. We can also represent your interests in breach of contract disputes. Contact our experienced attorneys today for your contract needs to protect yourself or your business from future complications.

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