Someone that will arrange for personal needs, make medical decisions, handle financial decisions and protect assets if a person is unable to do so on their own. Most often people think of guardianships for the elderly due to mental decline or other health related reasons, but they can apply to any age group. It is important to have a guardian in place for minors about to turn 18 that have disabilities preventing them from leading an independent life.

A court proceeding to determine incapacity will take place before a guardian is appointed. The guardianship will allow a parent or caregiver to continue working with doctors, educators, and maintaining any government benefits on the now adult’s behalf. Adults with traumatic brain injuries or severe mental health issues would also benefit from a guardianship. In Texas, by signing a Designation of Guardian, you may appoint a guardian for yourself that only takes effect if you become incapacitated. With the well-being of your family at stake, you need to be sure that all legalities have been handled correctly when appointing a guardian. For any guardianship concerns including filing for guardianship, determining incapacity, or contesting guardianship in the Granbury/Hood County area, turn to The Hyde Law Firm.

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