Adding a new member to your family through adoption is reason for celebrating. Divorce, even if amicable, is difficult to navigate especially if you are dealing with Child Custody and Child Support.

Choosing to pursue the need for Enforcement if a parent disregards their obligations is a difficult step to take. The Hyde Law Firm recognizes that emotions run high when these situations arise. We’re here to keep you grounded, so you can make the best choices for you and for the well-being of your children. If you need guidance in Family Law matters in the Granbury or Hood County area, give us a call.

Pre-Marital and Post-Marital Agreements

The last thing on your mind while searching for an ideal venue, choos-ing the perfect cake and making out the guest list is a decidedly unromantic Pre-Marital Agreement (Prenup). You are likely telling yourself that everything should be shared equally in a marriage. Likewise if it ends in divorce. The State of Texas agrees with you employing its “just and right” rule to divide community property in a fair and equitable manner with each spouse receiving half. No one wants to think their marriage will dissolve, but it’s worth considering the ‘what ifs’. Are there possessions, real estate or other assets that you are bringing into the marriage that should return to you in the event of a Divorce? Does one of you have large debts that shouldn’t fall on the shoulders of the other if you separate? These can be addressed in a Prenup or Postnup (when the agreement is signed after the marriage has taken place). A Prenup also fosters communication. Discussing your expectations, your finances (both the good and bad), and having an open line of communication is essential for a marriage to succeed. A Prenup may, in a strange way, strengthen your relationship and marriage.


Legally adopting a child is a joyous occasion and a daunting one. The process can be complicated and you want nothing more than for it to go smoothly. Open Adoptions, Closed Adoptions, Private Adoptions, International Adoptions, and Step-Parent Adoptions have varying requirements. You may also need help with Termination of Parental Rights or establishing Paternity. The Hyde Law Firm will advise you as you undertake this life-changing journey making sure all state and federal regulations have been met so you feel safe and secure in the knowledge that your child is truly yours in the eyes of the law.


Divorce is never easy to face. The lives of you, your spouse, and children are turned upside down and what is decided in the Divorce decree can affect everyone’s future for years to come. Spousal Support, Child Custody, Child Support and property rights can all create com-bative situations. Frustration, anger, and feelings of loss may guide your thoughts and actions, but making an error in judgment now could cost you more in the future. For example, filing costly motions to modify court orders. You need to fully understand the ramifications of the decisions you are making and know that your rights are being protected. The Hyde Law Firm is fully prepared to represent you in or out of court and help you find peace of mind.

Child Custody

We’ve all heard the phrase “in the best interest of the child”. In Texas, this is always the overriding consideration of the court in determining custody and visitation. We know you want what is best for your child, but seldom does each parent agree on what that is. How will physical custody be defined? Who will make important life decisions about education, medical needs or religious upbringing? Whether you are seeking Sole Custody, Joint Custody, Emergency Custody or Custody Modifications, our legal team will represent your position and the importance of your relationship with your child.

Child Support

In Texas, determining how much child support will be paid usually relies on a formula that includes income, number of children involved, and the percentage of time each party has physical possession of the children among other factors. This assigned dollar amount may not take aspects specific to your situation into consideration. The court has leeway to go above the guidelines and hear additional evidence of need such as specialized educational or ongoing medical care. Our goal is to come to an agreement that is fair to both sides. Our lives can change over time and sometimes child support needs to be modified when either party believes there has been a “material and substantial change in circumstances”. These include: increase or decrease in income of the parent paying the support, changes to the child’s medical insurance, changes to the child’s disability benefits, changes to the child’s living arrangements or daily needs, parent remarries or relocates. If you should be receiving child support mandated by the court and aren’t, Enforcement may be necessary. Our lawyers at The Hyde Law Firm will work hard on your behalf to make sure your children received the support they deserve or defend you if you are being asked to pay more than you are able. If you have legal questions or need representation regarding child support in Granbury, Texas (Hood County) contact us.


You’ve been through the emotionally draining process of a divorce or child custody case only to have the other parent fail to follow actions ordered by the court. Now what? When these obligations are broken, a Motion for Contempt or a Motion for Enforcement can be filed. This action is most often taken for unpaid spousal support, unpaid child support, denials of visitation, moving outside the a restricted area, failure to be consulted before major decisions regarding the child are made, and if a restraining order has been broken. The Texas Attorney General’s Child Support Division can take actions such as wage garnishment, withholding of tax refunds, suspension of driver’s license, denying a passport, or seizing property. Your family’s welfare, both financial and emotional, is dependent on the decisions that were made by the court. Contact The Hyde Law Firm today to start the process of Enforcement in the Hood County area to safeguard your current and future needs.


Loving a child is not dependent on a biological connection, but in the eyes of the courts, it may be in you and your child’s best interests to have Paternity (the state of being a father) legally established. There are rights and responsibilities that go along with this and our attorneys will help you navigate the process with compassion. If you are an unwed father that wants to solidify parental rights to your child, you can submit a Declaration of Paternity if you are present at the child’s birth or an Affidavit of Paternity if not. If you are a mother seeking child support and need involuntary paternity established, the court can mandate a DNA test if you file a paternity suit against the proposed father. If you need legal assistance in Granbury or Hood County with paternity issues, contact the Hyde Law Firm.

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