With its own deep ties to the community, The Hyde Law Firm, has a firm understanding of local government laws and processes which can differ from town to town. Cutting through red tape when dealing directly with city government can seem like an endless task.

If you are a private citizen, business owner or developer in a legal dispute with a Granbury or other Hood County municipal government or associated agency, our experienced attorneys are here to defend your rights at every stage of the dispute. We will do whatever is necessary for your specific situation from preparation and submission of needed documents, to representing your concerns at city council meetings, planning commissions and zoning boards. If you have been cited for a code violation; are applying for zoning changes or special use permits; obtaining rights-of-way or easements; need help gaining access to what should be public information; or handling the negotiation, drafting and review of contracts with local government, our legal team will navigate the complex issues involved in municipal law disputes so you avoid missteps. Together, we can fight city hall.

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