Thanks to television, litigation is the most familiar type of dispute resolution. A defendant and a plaintiff face off before a judge and jury. Unlike television, the process isn’t complete within an hour. Litigation law is full of complexity and may include numerous documents, consulting with experts, speaking with witnesses, motions, discovery, hearings as well as the actual trial.

Our legal team appreciates that every case involves unique challenges. We take time to learn your specific needs and goals. Litigation is not always necessary. Often disputes can be managed through alternate dispute resolution avenues such as mediation or arbitration, which we also handle, to be settled faster, with less expense and remain confidential. If a courtroom trial is needed, we have the skill, experience and drive to fight on your behalf. Just a few of the types of cases we represent are contract disputes, employment law, premises liability, trade secrets, personal injury, landlord/tenant issues, insurance disputes and probate. The Hyde Law Firm has the ability to tackle complex legal issues and achieve the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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