If the injury is through no fault of your own, you also have to fight to receive compensation from the party at fault.

Insurance companies will often offer a small upfront settlement to avoid a trial where you could be awarded a much larger sum of money. If you are out of work with medical bills rolling in, it might be tempting to accept the offer. Reach out to the legal team at The Hyde Law Firm before acting. We can usually represent you at no cost unless you win.

We are sensitive to the needs of our clients and know that every case involves unique challenges and opportunities. Our firm’s philosophy is centered on fostering client relationships and spending as much time as needed responding to your questions, learning about your needs, and answering your concerns. We care. Come talk to us if you are in the Granbury, Texas (Hood County) area. You have nothing to lose.

The types of cases we cover include, but aren’t limited to:

Car Wrecks, 18-Wheeler Accidents, Workplace Accidents like repetitive strain injuries, exposure to toxic substances and accidents that resulted from the use of machinery. Also Premises Liability such as slip and fall accidents, failure to warn of known dangerous conditions, sidewalk accidents or injuries caused by a defective surface in general, and swimming pool accidents.

Damages you may be entitled to:

Economic Damages represent the financial losses that you incurred as a result of the accident such as property damage, medical and hospital expenses (including future medical expenses), and lost wages. Also loss of earning capacity if your ability to perform your job is affected and you have to accept work with lower pay.

Non-Economic Damages such as pain and suffering, mental and emotional trauma, disfigurement, and inconvenience can also be pursued.

Punitive Damages can be awarded if the court determines that the actions of the defendant were especially harmful. Punitive damages are considered punishment and are awarded at the court’s discretion.

If you are involved in an accident, here are a few tips.

  • If you or someone with you is able and it is safe to do so, take photos of the entire scene. Photograph the floor/ground if you’ve had a slip and fall accident. If vehicles are involved, photograph each one from multiple angles. Photograph the road surface, nearby street signs, road conditions like rain, ice or snow, skid marks and road debris. Also document injuries to you and your passengers.

  • Go to the emergency room to be checked over. Have you ever overworked yourself and didn’t realize it until the next day? After an accident your body is likely full of adrenaline which can keep you from feeling pain or knowing the full extent of your injuries until hours or days later. Some serious injuries like internal bleeding or traumatic brain injury may not be readily apparent to you either, but need immediate attention and treatment.

  • Do not miss medical appointments. This could give a false impression that your injuries are not serious or have healed. Recognize that you may need long-term medical care. Other injuries may not appear until long after the accident, so address any new symptoms that arise.

  • Do not give details of the accident on social media. Statements made could be used against you and harm your case. Most people want to reassure friends and loved ones that they are okay, even if they really aren’t. That is understandable, but an opposing attorney can use that to cast doubt on the severity of your injuries.

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